Getting Started... - Sample Freediving Breathing Course By Above Below Life

Hey Anna.  Normally Getting Started is used to describe to a visitor why they should subscribe and what they can expect to get for doing so... This is super important to getting people to actually subscribe.  Once they subscribe you'll have their email and contact info.  In this case - I'll let you edit that.  You should use both written and video (see the other classes for video samples).

For now I'll give you a few hints that might be handy in your evaluation of our deal.

You'll notice that the message is from a Branded persona, not me.  Some message should be from a person, and some from a brand.  Both are possible.

On the platform you have a Brand Page (think YouTube Channel) and a page for each course of plan (like this one).

Almost everything is editable.  There is a little learning curve, but nothing you can't handle I'm sure.

Feel free to mess about.  You cant break anything:)

Then if you decide to take the next step let me know and we'll re-connect, continue the exploration :)


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"The second best way to connect with yourself and others is to share a learning experience that your life will depend on" - JM
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