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Part 2 -- Simple anxiety reducing breathing technique / Breath-work art / Breathing meditation

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5 MINS ONLY for reduced stress and anxiety - follow the video and watch the uplifting art work inspired by water and made by me. I also suggest using head phones to feel the full affect of the relaxing binaural beats music.

Over the years I have researched lots of techniques to help reduce my stress and performance anxiety before freediving depth competitions, one of the techniques I use is called heart coherence breathing, this has been scientifically proven to reduce your stress hormone cortisol and increase DHEA (hormone of youth!).Start your day with 5mins of heart focused rhythmic breathing to help lower cortisol after you wake up, this can also be done anytime during the day if you feel anxiety creeping in, or in preparation to an upcoming event.Find a comfortable space and focus on the movement of the breath for 5 seconds inhale and 5 seconds exhale.This type of rhythmic breathing connects the mind and heart to resonate at the same frequency putting the body into an optimal state of relaxation and function.

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