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A SUPER BIG part of understanding the risk of TAKING or NOT taking the covid vaccine is knowing what your odds of dying from Covid are.

Choices - first you need to choose which science / math you are going to use?

1 - Current most popular math is to use Confirmed Cases Math CCM.  It works like this; divide Actual Deaths by Confirmed Cases = % likely to die from Covid.
( 290k Actual Deaths ) / (16M Confirmed Cases ) = 1.8% Death Rate
20 in 1,000

2 - Less popular but more scientific math is Actual Cases Math ACM.  Actual Cases (as described by the CDC and just about all credible research) is ( Confirmed Cases ) X ( 10 ).  That's a pretty different denominator.
( 290k Actual Deaths ) / (160M Confirmed Cases ) = 0.018% Death Rate
2 in 1,000

Now, onto the vaccine itself.

mRNA, how safe is it?
The early testing looks pretty safe.  mRNA has been used in cancer treatments for some time. But... since an mRNA vaccine essentially changes the software of your DNA structure there may be un-seen long term consequences.  This vaccine blocks the Covid spike from entering the core of your cells, but there are things that that are supposed to do that.  Will this vaccine end up blocking some good things in the long run?  The vaccine also initiates and manages your immune response at a cellular level, which is the greater part of what makes it work to block Covid.  Will this immune response management have other less desirable effects in the long run?

Some articles that describe these things:

The immediate risks compared to ACM risk?
No reason to compare the immediate risk compared to CCM - because CCM logic tell us the vaccine is the way to go.  Problem is that CCM math is wrong headed.

Again ACM logic shows Covid death risk at 0.018% or ( 2 in 1,000 ).  

Bright spot, vaccine testing 

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