Getting Started... - BlueYouth Live Group

We need your help! Please Subscribe to get started.

BlueYouth needs volunteers to do all sorts of things related to our mission.

We helped "Dump Trump". 

Second big job is sourcing the content for others to share.  This involves finding videos, social posts, memes, articles, and even creating original content, and doing it across all the primary social media channels.  It's a big job with big impact, and can be fun too!  You can leave a great sharable link as a comment or take it to the next level and wrap it in a post. 
We'd love to have you on-board!
Beyond that there are lot's of other needed skills and help, including the things we have not yet thought of.  If your really feeling it and want to do something creative with BlueYouth we are excited to have you aboard!

** If you're a student seeking academic credit first Subscribe to this project, the BlueYouth Live Group.  Second, go to the STUDENT VOLUNTEER folder and leave a comment in the "Who We Are! item. Once you leave a comments you are registered as a student volunteer, simple as that!
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