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Protesting and marching is a great way to show your support for important issues that you care about. It sends a powerful message to the community, and can demonstrate just how many people are supporting the cause. Making a sign, blocking traffic, and speaking out are all great ways to spread your message and make change in your community. If you're looking to participate: Here's How....

Rally List:

Rally List is pretty self explanatory, but all you have to do is select your state to find endless lists of protests and marches. You can also post your own events if you want to hold a march in your community.


Although Eventbrite has many uses non-protest related it can also be used as a great tool to find marches near you. As soon as you hit the home page there is a section dedicated to finding one in your area, or creating your own!


Nextdoor is used for many things besides finding protests like reporting some teenager speeding on your street, but it can also be a very valuable tool to find events near you! Nextdoor is pretty specific to your location and we all know there are people that are very active and informed that will keep you updated.


Facebook and Twitter are also great for finding rallies, protests and marches in and around your community. Getting involved in these events is a great way to fight for issues that you believe in, so use these tools to get out there and make a change!

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