Movies and Documentaries You Can Use To Educate Yourself - BlueYouth Live Group

All of these films are based on true tragedies that a lot of people have not educated themselves about. They explore sensitive topics that people often avoid, but they need to be seen. Knowledge is power, and these films can be a great way to teach yourself about inequality and injustice in our society today.

13TH A documentary exploring the racial inequality in the American prison system today, demonstrating the disproportionate amount of African Americans facing time. The Official Trailer: Netflix Link:

I Am Not Your Negro This film "envisions the book James Baldwin never finished, to examine race in America." ( The Official Trailer: Netflix Link:

LA 92 A documentary about the LA riots in 1992 following the verdict of the Rodney King trial. Official Trailer: Netflix Link:

Strong Island An investigation of the murder a young African American man in 1992. Official Trailer: Netflix Link:

When They See Us A four part series about the Central Park Five, who were convicted of a rape that they did not commit. Official Trailer: Netflix Link: