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Drug use has gone down because of technology use. Teens are more concerned (to the point of addiction) with their cellular device than anything else that could be addicting.®ion=Footer
While using technology, dopamine levels can increase. Most tech executives don't allow their children to use their phone very often, and send them to schools that allow no phone use.
Radiation given off by mobile phone and other technology can cause various, serious conditions and diseases.
Phones can cause headache, sleep disturbance, and impairment of short term memory.
"They may cause headaches, decreased attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders and depression,
mostly among teenagers" Teens use their phones as a substitute for lack of human contact.
Teens have developed a dependency on their phones, and often feel anxious and stressed without their phone. The necessity to have the phone and the reliance on it causes an unhealthy connection to it, otherwise known as addiction.
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