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Political Basics
Since Trump started transitioning the White House to Biden on November 23rd (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/23/us/politics/trump-transition-biden.html) the news cycles have been all over the place.  Seems like both / all sides are struggling to find the next big story.  Instead of me trying to summarize the current chaos, I'll post some of the basics that tend to get left behind in all the excitement.  As my mom says, "boring but important."

The Constitution & The Bill of Rights
Much of what is happening now is related to our founding documents.  Perhaps a brush up will help put things in perspective:

We The People is a great podcast series that covers timely topics through the lens of Constitutionality.  
An interesting take on the Constitutionality of Covid quarantines can be found in the episode "Civil Liberties and COVID-19".  Turns out the Federal and State Governments have A LOT of power, but much of that power is based in precedence from a LONG time ago.

Basic Covid Data
There are SOOO many stories Covid that it's easy to loose track of the basic data.  Here are a few links that seem clear, reliable & up to date on the basic data.
US Covid data by state - 15M cases & 275k deaths; 
US ACTUAL Covid cases - 150M; 
US Covid deaths by age and condition; 
US leading causes of death - Covid is now #3:
US Population 330M & World Population 7.7B:

Basic Economic Data
US GDP, basically how much income the US generates:
US Debt, basically how much we owe, even if to ourselves:

Basics; Money, Currency, Central Bank / The Fed, FIAT (not the car):
Deeper; Money, Currency, FIAT, Printing Money:
Funny; The Fed and Printing Money:

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