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Knight's Move

For the past five decades, humanity warred with the alien Dragons – but now that war is over and humanity has won. But the end of the war brings no peace. The Terran Federation is struggling to keep itself together in the wake of the war, human and alien refugees are scattered everywhere, planets are demanding independence, while shadowy figures prepare to take advantage of the coming chaos.

Captain Glen Knight is ordered to take his starship into the Bottleneck Republic – the most restless part of the Federation – and re-establish the Federation’s authority. But when a mysterious group of raiders starts to wage war on the colonials, Glen must uncover the truth and stop them ...

... Before humanity’s fragile unity explodes into a whole new war.

[As a matter of principle, all of my self-published books are DRM-free. You can do what you like with them (well, at least anything you can do with a paperback book.)]
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