Patriotic Treason (Martial Law Book 1) - Christopher Nuttall Books

Patriotic Treason (Martial Law Book 1)

"Why doth treason never prosper?
Because if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

Humanity has reached out into space and settled nearly three hundred worlds, but all is not well in the Human Sphere. The United Nations is locked into a war with the Colonies, entire worlds are being devastated by war, civilisation is on the verge of falling apart and Earth is on the verge of complete environmental collapse. The war is unwinnable, yet the UN has no choice, but to keep fighting. The Political Class will not accept a defeat. It would mean the end of their power.

A new recruit into the United Nations Peace Force, John Walker, is the only man who can save humanity – at the cost of everything he’d ever loved. This is his story.
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