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Whether you own or rent there are lot's of details about a home that you want handy for when you need them. This template is designed to help keep you on the ready, fast and simple.

ONE | This will be YOUR home info planner. You can edit, delete, modify, or add what makes sense for your home info.

TWO | Start by inviting your people. Together you can add and access the details that matter most.

THREE | Inside you'll find details and special offers to help get you started.

QUICK CONTACTS: Fire | Police | Cleaner | Gardener | Neighbor(s) | House Sitter(s) | Etc...

MONTHLY SERVICES: Cable Company | Gas & Electric | Water | Garbage | Cleaner | Gardener | Pool Service | Etc...

CONTRACTORS LIST: Plumber | Electrician | Handy-Man | Landscapers | Painters | Roofer | General Contractor | Etc...

You'll also find places to keep your Rental, Tax, Insurance, Repair & History, Deed & Mortgage, and more...

Here's a peak at what things look like inside...

Monthly Services - Home Info Organizer

Because you don't often need to contact your monthly service providers it can be super handy to have those links, numbers, and passwords in one place for each property.

Cable Company:

Gas & Electric:





Pool Service: