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Whether you own or rent there are lot's of details about a home that you want handy for when you need them. This template is designed to help keep you on the ready, fast and simple.

ONE | This will be YOUR home info planner. You can edit, delete, modify, or add what makes sense for your home info.

TWO | Start by inviting your people. Together you can add and access the details that matter most.

THREE | Inside you'll find details and special offers to help get you started.

QUICK CONTACTS: Fire | Police | Cleaner | Gardener | Neighbor(s) | House Sitter(s) | Etc...

MONTHLY SERVICES: Cable Company | Gas & Electric | Water | Garbage | Cleaner | Gardener | Pool Service | Etc...

CONTRACTORS LIST: Plumber | Electrician | Handy-Man | Landscapers | Painters | Roofer | General Contractor | Etc...

You'll also find places to keep your Rental, Tax, Insurance, Repair & History, Deed & Mortgage, and more...

Here's a peak at what things look like inside...

Quick Contacts - Home Info Organizer

It's very hand to have a list of the short list of contacts that you don't use often but want quickly.
Feel free to edit this note, or start a new one of your own.






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