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Managing the transaction - Home Seller Toolkit

Managing the transaction

Choose a title company: You can use any title company you want and (in Utah) it doesn’t need to be the same title company your buyer is using

Decide on a home warranty: You may choose to provide a home warranty; many plans exist and you’ll need to select one

Help your buyers with appraisals and inspections: Your buyer will schedule a home appraisal (if they are taking out a loan); they will likely also want to conduct a home inspection and, based on what the inspector finds, may want additional inspections

Eagle eye your buyer’s finances: Most loans fall through during underwriting and even good buyers can mess up; help keep your deal from falling through when you get your buyer cross-qualified with Homie Loans

Know your payoff: Your Homie dashboard includes a calculator designed to help you know just how much cash you’ll walk away with at closing

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