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Gear - Hunting Trip Planner

Planning your day pack is a vital part of having the right kind of hunt. As you start to plan you pack we have Randy Newberg to help inform and inspire you with his long standing day pack advice. When you and your group are ready you can start adding your own notes and gear choices. We recommend that each person user their own personal task for this one.

Randy Newberg's Pack List:

Mystery Ranch Backpack: Metcalf and Longbow models

FHF Bino Harness

Binoculars: Leupold Mojave 10x42

Wind checker

Diaphragm call

Rangefinder: Leupold RX-1200i

GPS: Garmin Montana 600 with onXmaps GPS chip

Pouch for license, tags, pen, zip ties

Trekking poles

Hydration system/water bladder: Platypus

First aid kit

Fire starter, windproof lighter, matches

Bear spray

Molefoam padding for foot hot spots/blisters

Game Bags: Caribou Gear

Head lamp & spare batteries

Latex gloves, several pair

Knife: replaceable scalpel blade knife and replaceable blades

Knife: belt knife/skinner


Electrical tape

Water purification: Aquamira tablets


Joby flexible camera tripod

Spotting scope and tripod (occasional)

Foam butt or knee pad

Coat: Sitka Kelvin Light