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Tentative dates for 2021

March 20,21 Rallycross at Thunderhill (NCRX) - Cancelled
April 17,18 - Rallycross at Thunderhill (Sun: CRS points)
Postponed - May - Rallycross at Prairie City (Sun: CRS points)
May 29,30 - Rallycross at Thunderhill
June 26,27 - Rallycross at Thunderhill (Sun: CRS points)
July 24,25 - Rallycross at Prairie City (Sun: CRS points)
Canceled - August 21,22 - Rallycross at Thunderhill
September 18,19 - Rallycross at Prairie City (Sat: Rally Trials, Sun: Rallycross, CRS points)
Canceled - October 16,17 - Rallycross at Thunderhill
November 13,14 - Rallycross at Thunderhill (Sun: CRS points)
December 4,5 - Rallycross at Prairie City (Sat: night runs)

For more up to date information see the links below.

Rallycross (or RallyX) is an easily accessible and affordable extreme sport held on an unpaved plot of land where a course is marked out with traffic cones. Cars run one at a time against the clock and have the opportunity to drift and powerslide through the dirt with very little risk of hitting anything tougher than a rubber cone.   All you need to compete is a regular car* and the entry fee. We have loaner helmets available and love to help new people get started. Just ask any questions you might have!   *Cars need to be hardtops. Cages are not required but you will occasionally see them in pictures because some competitors also use their cars for stage rally.   Convertibles are required to compete with the factory hardtop.

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