Organizer For CDC Covid-19 Data

How it Works... - Organizer for CDC Covid-19 Data

As of March 7th 'The Atlantic' stopped aggregating Covid-19 data from the CDC.  Bummer!

The CDC still produces the data, but it's super messy and easy to get lost.  So... what we at RALLYSITE have done is to create an organized menu and listing of the main areas. 

If you are on a mobile devise click the button ( <-- Back to Menu / List ) to get back to the list of topics. Inside each topic we'll embed the direct CDC link, the entire CDC page, and some notes to help you navigate their wonky user experience.  

Subscribing will get you a basic email reminder with a link every Monday.  You can also do some other things like change reminders, leave comments, etc...

Thinking to yourself, "This could be done better..."  Good News!  You can contact me via LinkedIN, I'll make you an Administrator, and then you can make it better!

Hopefully this will make it possible for us to keep arguing with our friends, family, & other people we don't even know!
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