Start Here - Own Your Distortion

How To Use This Course

At the start of every course, the instructor may give you a curriculum that says: here is what we are covering, when. Here are all fo the testing dates and when your papers are due. Also, here's a list of overpriced books you WILL need for this course.

If this defines a course, then this isn't a course. After a certain point, writing is one of those things that can be learned, but not taught. When I consider my own education as a writer, the biggest lessons I had to learn came by way of the workshop - sitting in a circle with other writers, reviewing and critiquing one another's words week after week until we all got sick of each other.

Own Your Distortion is a workshop. It is a place designed to repair and create. Each module is full of tools to help you craft and enhance your writing, your story, or whatever it is you are working on.

You can take everything sequentially or you can dive into the middle of Module 3. You can eat everything up in a week or work through it over the next year. Everyone's process is different; we all need different tools at different times.

This is for you. Use it as you will.