6.4 - Die On Empty - Own Your Distortion

“Graveyards are the most valuable real estate in the world, because buried in them are all of the biggest ideas that never came to be.” 
-Les Brown

It is a shallow person who guards their idea because they're afraid someone will steal it. The irony - the ideas you think someone will steal are the same ones you want to share. They will always be YOUR ideas, your stories, because they are built with YOUR perspective. No one can steal perspective. 

We are at a point in our history where we need to collaborate more, share more ideas, and embrace what we do more than ever. Even the smallest shred of one of your ideas could be the missing piece to someone else’s puzzle. Your story might be the very anecdote someone else needs to hear to have a therapeutic breakthrough.

How horrible would you feel if you died while hanging onto the missing scrap of data that would lead to the cure for cancer? 

Well, you’d be dead, so you may not feel too bad about it.

Point being, it’s always worth putting your ideas and stories out there because you never know who needs to hear them. You never know what you might inspire. I’m almost certain Shakespeare would be pissed to see what we’ve done with his portfolio.

Put it all out there. Die on Empty.