Rental Income Math and Spreadsheet - Rental Income Real Estate Template

If you like this template you should make a copy right away and don't be shy about modifying things to fit your needs. You can't break anything.

AND... if you like this spreadsheet you should also make a copy and play with it. You can break spreadsheets, but no big deal, just make another copy.

I've added a bunch of links that help us do market research.  Things like rental rates, understanding various price inflation trends, etc...  Like a junk drawer for details.

List of Potential Properties:
This is just a simple list of properties that are interesting enough to consider, but not yet interesting enough to investigate.  

Specific Property Cap Rate & ROI:
This is the main way we do the Cap Rate and ROI math on a single property.  Super important to do your own math. (green cells are things you can modify and test scenarios)