This is perhaps a way I might recommend doing your updates and perhaps even emails if you use this platform.  I can explain why if you become intrigued - JM

Storage Unit Rally Car Build Week 14
Yep, we’re now struggling to find things we can install while working in the storage unit. Picking at straws so to speak. Next on our list is... 

Week 8: TIMcienda Showroom Build   
This week we moved our tire machines in, added a shelf, painted the entrance walls, scored some extension cord covers and dried some tents! 

Storage Unit Rally Car Build Week 13
We decided now was a good time to reinstall the axles, even though we haven’t... 

TIMcienda 2021 Edition!    
In this week's episode we get some stuff, put up some racks, see daylight, struggle with our tire machines, start... 

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10 months ago
Hey - this is a comment...
You can also do things as you already do.  Also worth noting that these types of posts can be sent as an email, similar to MailChimp - JM

Out of Storage & Into the Workshop!

So after we took that deep breath in the last update we stood back and assessed where we are in the project and found a great way to shrink our to do list... 


TIMcienda Update: Indecision is a Decision 


So, the decision about the floor is..................not to make a decision! So much easier LOL. We were struggling to decide and then it hit us...


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Storage Unit Rally Car Build Week 17  


We’ve been back and forth on what to do about an intake system for the car for ages. We’d like to have our cake and eat it too but we just can’t see a way to get there. This is what we’d like to have...


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TIMcienda Update: Progress is Progress

These past couple of weeks has been a hodge-podge of, small, seemingly insignificant, events that, in total, still amount to progress...


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a year ago