TFS: First TIG. Now What? - Beginner Metal Fabrication Lessons and Product Reviews


TFS: First TIG. Now What?

Has a good list of parts and setup.  Plus early techniques

The Fabrication Series
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So you just got your first TIG machine and you're ready to stack. But wait! Not so fast.... What else do you need? What sizes of what colors in what grades work? There's a lot of answers but we at TFS like to simplify it. Start with this and we'll see you on the other end of the bead. Tools & Gear We Use and Recommend to TIG Weld in Our Class! 10 Mistakes New Welders Make about TIG torches a TIG torch Episode Balance and Aluminum Related info Welding Instruction to The Fabrication Series for MORE!Check out the website: IG @The.Fabricator

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