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Best Apps and Websites for House Hunting:
Your agent will always have the latest and greatest information, but if you want to browse around to get the lay of the land, check out the house hunting apps and websites available to buyers today. Here are some of the best:
Zillow: It features everything you’d think a house hunting app should include—plus the unique “Zestimate” tool that estimates the market value of each house listing. It’s no appraisal, but it might give you a heads up if the asking price is a complete rip-off.
Trulia: If you’re a sucker for maps and stats, you’ll like Trulia. Its property listings include interactive maps that show nearby schools and shopping centers and it also has heat maps with data on crime rates, commute times and demographics to give you an instant idea of what life is like in that community.
Realtor: Imagine submitting an online offer for a home only to learn it was already sold and the listing was never updated. Frustrating, right? Well, boasts listings that are updated on an average of at least every 15 minutes. That’ll help you avoid chucking your phone across the room.
Redfin Real Estate: Unlike the others we mentioned, this house hunting app was developed by a real estate brokerage. Each listing features a question box you can click to learn more about the house directly from a Redfin agent. You can also see the next available house showing by date and then click to schedule your tour.
HomeScout: This app pulls 100% of its listings directly from MLS data. Remember, a board of local real estate brokers oversees MLS systems. That means every listing on this app is updated by a licensed real estate agent, so the information is likely to be up-to-date and more accurate than apps that use other sources.