Every good job search needs a system in order to get results you are hoping for.

How can you keep track of everything? Easy!

This RALLYSITE template will help you get started and find a convenient way to organize everything you need to land your dream job.

Check out the preview of what's inside below. By copying this template, you'll get access to a fully customizable project to get you going on your job search.

Company 4.... - Job Search Organizer

You'll notice that the name of this Task / Company order appear in reverse.
Here's normal the sequence:
A company you are reaching out to goes on the spreadsheet.
They get back to you and move into 'IN TALKS' as the most recent new Task.
An interview gets set and that Company's Task moves to the 'INTERVIEWS' Folder.
And so on until the process with them is complete one way or another.
When you first move a company from the Google spreadsheet into a Task you'll want to carry over any notes, contacts, etc...

6/10 submitted resume and application

6/11 sent a personal not to the hiring manager on LinkedIN

6/12 they requested additional details from my portfolio. I sent the additional details.

6/15 - REMINDER - send email if they have not yet responded


Contact Names...

Phone Numbers...

Other info and links...