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I started my work life at 13, taking care of horses and working part-time at a gas station in Yountville, CA. Living on a ranch I also gained a love for building and fixing things - which I still have today.

After high school I joined the Navy as an E3, on a 2 year enlistment. I managed a 20+ man crew in the art of cleaning and painting various parts of the CVN70 USS Carl Vinson. I learned a lot about how to keep people motivated:)

Being fascinated by technology, I eventually took a job in Silicon Valley doing design and development for a Printed Circuitboard manufacture. This was my first design / product type job. I was in my early 20s and it was very exciting to me.

Eventually a friend recruited me into the world of derivative trading and software products at Cutler Group - which is where my true career in product and resume start.

Further work history and details can be found on my resume:

For more depth and a few other things that are not on my resume see the 'OTHER...'. folder...
2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
This is my favorite reference. It come from Joe Grover who get's my highest professional respect. I strive to live up to his thoughtful and kind words.

" Justin was the acting VP of Product at Altitude Digital where he led the engineering and product teams and built a platform for online publishers. Although he was working as a consultant, he was included in our executive and board meetings and led the entire product vision. Justin is a versatile executive and was constantly problem solving and contributing to operations, sales and accounting management. He also had a knack for sales and collaborated closely with our account managers in driving business growth. His technical acumen and personal style quickly won the trust of clients both large and small. If there was a complex business issue or client concern we could count on Justin to help resolve the issue and grow the business. "

Joe Grover | CMO @ Homie