About Me - Justin Manes Resume & Portfolio


I started my work life at 13, taking care of horses and working part-time at a gas station in Yountville, CA. Living on a ranch I also gained a love for building and fixing things - which I still have today.

After high school I joined the Navy as an E3, on a 2 year enlistment. I managed a 20+ man crew in the art of cleaning and painting various parts of the CVN70 USS Carl Vinson. I learned a lot about how to keep people motivated:)

Being fascinated by technology, I eventually took a job in Silicon Valley doing design and development for a Printed Circuitboard manufacture. This was my first design / product type job. I was in my early 20s and it was very exciting to me.

Eventually a friend recruited me into the world of derivative trading and software products at Cutler Group - which is where my true career in product and resume start.

Further work history and details can be found on my resume:

For more depth and a few other things that are not on my resume see the 'OTHER STUFF...'. folder...