Altitude Digital | Advertising Platform - Justin Manes Resume & Portfolio

Altitude Digital offered me the Head of Product role with the goal of transforming the company from a sales and service business to an advertising platform business. In a few short and super fun years we did all of that and more.

I assembled an off-shore team and built the ARENA platform for publishers. The point of ARENA was to help large publishers make more money than they could using Google or AOL alone.

Our strategy was not to build prefect things, but to innovate faster. It was the right strategy at the right time. My derivative trading product experience was a huge help when it came to dealing with scale and rapid development.

The result was a platform used by thousands of publishers, to manage billions of daily impressions, and $10s of millions in monthly revenue. ARENA was a revenue generating machine, and publishers loved it!

We had multiple acquisition offers well above $100M during my tenure. Altitude ultimately determined not to take those offers and shortly after I departed.