goTandem | Learning App - Justin Manes Resume & Portfolio

At goTandem (GT) (a BackToTheBible Product) I currently function as the full-time Head of Product and run a dev team of 20+ people many of whom are located in Ukraine, with additional supporting staff in the US.

The mission of GT is to give people who are curious about God a personalized social destination to explore and increase their faith through Bible based engagement.

GT is a very large and complex consumer app family. The GT platform is a monolithic backend admin that services over 1,000 discrete white labeled apps. Although goTandem is a flagship app in itself, the other ~1k apps are white labeled for other host partner Ministries, Churches, Christian Broadcaster, etc... Most of the GT app family users are the congregants and members of our host partners.

- 38 point evolving faith / life assessment
- Continuous self progress monitoring
- Personalized assessment based reminders and content delivery
- Access to subscription based deep video, audio, and written content libraries
- Push, text, and email notification enabled
- Fully socialized around content, prayer, and grouping functions
- Enhanced sharing and investment capabilities

- Capable to input and share any content based on algorithmic parameters
- Access to serve all forms of public and shared content
- Full communication control and scheduling across all channels
- Social growth tools
- Donor enabled tools, both internal and external
- Reporting and CRM enabled

Results & Performance:
* 80+ new Ministry Partner apps launched monthly
* 1.2% user growth / month
* 8.8 session / user / month
* 6.8 screens / session
* 2m 20s / session