RALLYSITE | Productivity & Learning App - Justin Manes Resume & Portfolio

I started to build RALLYSITE (RS) in 2017 as a tool to help manage projects from our internal consulting clients. RS was a good internal tool. At the same time we saw an opportunity in the market where RS could become a tool where brands and consumers are able to connect and engage around learning and courses.

RS was made fully available to the consumer market in May of 2019, with a plan of having it fully consumerized by August 2019. The first brands will started on-boarding in July 2019.

- 100% unlimited cost free project management tool use
- RS Project Store for unlimited project templates
- Allow separate work and personal divisions per single account
- IOS, Android and web enabled

- Unlimited project template creation
- In-project native and direct promotions
- True in-RS cross channel communication with followers
- CRM and reporting enabled

Results & Performance:
* Brand results will start in September 2019
* 58k total organic users
* 4.2 sessions / user / month
* 8min / session