WynZyn | Consumer App - Justin Manes Resume & Portfolio

When I was recruited to take over Product at WynZyn the app was a basic survey and sweepstake reward platform. Users were active and appreciative, but monetization was suffering.

My contribution was to add rewarded shopping to the user experience and to exchange internally funded sweep prized for 1,000s of externally funded brand sweepstakes.

WynZyn 2.0 for USERS:
- Shop millions of brands and earn discounts and sweep entries
- Answer brand survey questions and earn discounts and sweep entries
- Enter any of 1,000s of partner sweepstakes in exchange for personal contact information

WynZyn 2.0 for BRANDS:
- Sell products and services via WZ by offing discounts and sweepstake prizes
- Hear from consumers at scale by offering discount and sweepstake prizes
- Gain permission data and contact access to consumers by offering discount and sweepstake prizes

Results & Performance:
* $80 spend / month / user
* 7 brand surveys / month / user
* 22 brand sweepstakes / month / user
3 years ago ( updated 3 years ago )
In addition to running Product I was also responsible for the investor deck and assisted in fundraising efforts.

WynZyn Investor Deck:
( Shared on Request )