A To-Do List app to help you be even better !

A To-Do List can be super simple. Being Mindful goes beyond crushing To-Dos.

This template / your copy starts with folders that can help maximize your output by minimizing time waste.

Once you make your COPY - feel free to edit things to work best for you!

/// Quick List - Mindful Daily To-Do List

My 'Quick List' Task is just a place to jot down ideas that are't quite worth a task, but that might be worth recalling.
This video (Simon Sinek on Empathy) addresses some of my personal challenges:

The world's finest cardboard wallets by Fuyuki Shimazu

BUY: http://carton-f.com/

MAKE: https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/magazine/2019/carton/2018-12-13.html
Original Mac emulator website - pretty cool if you had an 80's era Mac:)
From Cyril - DJ Vadim

Great festival finder site;

Most amazing festival ever!

An AI that speaks in my voice
Fantastically weird!!
Melanie Abrantes makes coolest hand carved gifts EVER!
Documentary series from NPR
Book / movie from Cecily, Hereditary. Scary!