A To-Do List app to help you be even better !

A To-Do List can be super simple. Being Mindful goes beyond crushing To-Dos.

This template / your copy starts with folders that can help maximize your output by minimizing time waste.

Once you make your COPY - feel free to edit things to work best for you!

☆ 6am Walk & Call - Mindful Daily To-Do List

This is not exactly my actual schedule on any given day. The purpose is to help me keep track of what a typical day looks like by large and common chunks. Knowing where your time goes is SUPER important to getting more done.

I chose this Task to put in a note because the was a major life changer for me. As simple as it sounds I was getting pretty desperate to find time for some morning exercise. Once I got my schedule down I found quite a bit of wasted time. From there it was pretty simple to apply improvements and see things like take a walk during my regular 6am call.

Everyone on the RS team has been impressed by the efficiency gains of listing out their 'typical' day by time. We hope you will too!
2 years ago