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A To-Do List can be super simple. Being Mindful goes beyond crushing To-Dos.

This template / your copy starts with folders that can help maximize your output by minimizing time waste.

Once you make your COPY - feel free to edit things to work best for you!

Make Dr Appointment - Mindful Daily To-Do List

Like we mentioned before some of your Tasks are just quick reminder and just need a name, but don't need a message.

In this case let's look at some things you might do with a message.

For Dr. appointment a message each time would give you a record of appointments to help you sort out when to go again. Just move this Task to the Medical folder and revive it when the next checkup is due.

Looking at the previous message below we added some info you might want handy and we also popped in a comment so you can see what that looks like.
Address: 1004 Northgate Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: (415) 590-6150
5 years ago ( updated 5 years ago )
Dr. Kate is 'claiming' I have trust issues - get a second opinion!:)