A To-Do List app to help you be even better !

A To-Do List can be super simple. Being Mindful goes beyond crushing To-Dos.

This template / your copy starts with folders that can help maximize your output by minimizing time waste.

Once you make your COPY - feel free to edit things to work best for you!

Some old promo text for this project - Mindful Daily To-Do List

How many times have you had a thought about something you need to-do or remember only to to forget? Or a friend recommends a book, website, or product and then you can't recall it later. Beyond all the larger organization and project management functions RallySite is a really great place to keep all the little things that come up everyday.

This project template is pretty simple, as it should be. Feel free to make a copy for your self that you can customize, or just create your own from scratch.

Here's a description of what's in this template in case you're new to RallySite:

The top box that says 'My To-Do List' is the project level. If you want to get advanced, on the project level you can set up a description page like this one. You can even make your project available to the public where other people can copy it.

Just below the project is a bar with 'Add a task...' It's pretty simple. Start writing, hit enter, and you will have a new task.

Below that are several tasks or To-Dos. You can identify a task by the circle on the left. Some tasks have messages, notes, images, video, due dates, assignment and so on. Other tasks might only require a title to get the job done. We have a do less to do more philosophy.

** The bottom two tasks are designed to stay on the list forever. News Site Links is just a quick place to pop in and check my favorite new sites when I want to see what's going on. Quick Drop is for those fun little things I want to remember or keep handy to dazzle friends with my life hacks.

Below all the Tasks and To-Dos is a single folder. Pretty straight forward. When I complete a task I drag it into the folder.

Did I mention you can drag tasks and folders around? Makes prioritizing a snap.

At the bottom is a PLUS button where you can create folders and another place you can create a task.

There are a ton of other things you can do with RallySite. It's a full capable project management platform. But this is your simple To-Do list. We suggest you keep it simple. And you might not want to share this one. Everyone needs a little me time:)