Getting Started - Password Keeper

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Why do you need some type of system for organizing passwords? Here's three reasons.

First, even if you think you can remember all those passwords, frankly, you can't. Everyone's mind slips sometimes, and you may not log in to certain accounts but once or twice a year, making it difficult under the best circumstances.

Second, it isn't just the passwords you need to sometimes know, but also usernames, what email address you have associated with the account, the name or web address of where to log in, or a myriad of other information.

Third, what happens if you're incapacitated for a while? How would a trusted friend or loved one be able to access the sometimes vital information within these accounts if you are unable to do so if you haven't given them some type of information to go by.

So hopefully you're convinced you need some type of password organizer to help you deal with this information.