Getting Started... - Sales Deal Manager

This is now YOUR Project! You can edit, delete, and add anything you like. What you see is just to help get you started

This template is designed to be a space that is shared between companies where both parties can track, manage, and execute on a deal in transparent environment.

This does not take the place of a CRM. A shared deal space is more about keeping everyone moving in the right direction.

In this template you will see that the entire project space is intended to be shared between vendor and client. Folders represent various deals that need to be worked. Tasks are used to track milestones.

Now that you have your copy feel free to edit things until they meet your specific needs best!
4 years ago ( updated 4 years ago )
On both messages and comments you can add text, files, images, and video.
Important messages can be sent to participants as emails and notifications.