Wheels & Tires - Sprinter Van Build: Research Plans & Progress

The van cam in about a week ago.  As mentioned in the posts below I got 17" rims on 285 tires, no lift.  The pic does not do it justice. (285x75x17) Those rims and tires have great agressive proportions without making the van too big.

However they did not (and still don't) fit perfectly. The dealer did some cutting to the plastic liners and a bit on the metal.  Needs more.  Not a huge deal. I'll post more as I get to it.
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2 months ago
Once I do the final cuts I'll post pics of where I made them.
One of my big hesitations on a 4x4 Sprinter was about the wheels.  Most of the wheel packages I have seen look like the wheels are too small.  Dinky. So I spent a ton of time researching what to do. 

I'm (for now) opting out of the lift kit.  The van already has a pretty high stance and I don't prefer to mess with factory suspension geometry, if possible. If I do at some point get a lift I'll go with VanCompass and have the Santa Rosa Mercedes dealer do the install, they do that.

If you look at this chart:
You can see that some pretty fat rubber will fit.  Up to 285/75/17 = 33.8" X 11.2".

I will be adding 16MM spacers and an Own Van trim kit, both of which are simple and add a bit of muscle to the look and stability.


In the pics I found one van with a low roof and no lift (like mine), but with smaller rims/tires.  The other high roof van has the rims and tires I'm ordering, and might have a lift.

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a year ago
Owl Vans Black Arsenal wheels with beige interior: $880+265 labor to mount and balance 4 tires with longer lug bolts+$75=$1220

4 BF Goodrich 285x75x17” (K02) =$1638

Owl Van Mondo Big Tire Kit $200+410 labor=$610

Van Compass wheel spacers $440+$205 labor=$645

We’ll finalize the above prices when we get closer to ordering them.

Let me know if I can do more.


Stan Paule
Commercial Vans Manager
Mercedes Benz of Santa Rosa


Subject: 4x4 Sprinter Build for Justin Manes / Stan Paul

Hey Stan - can you please send me my van build spec so I have a digital copy.

I’d also like to firm up on the wheel/tire choices and cost. Now that we have made a choice I’d love to have your mechanic confirm that, or perhaps the folks at VanCompass since they published the materials that we are guiding from.

Here’s what I know so far, please confirm.

From Owl Vans?; $800

Tires; BFG KO2 285/75/17


Owl Van Trim kit
$200 + $410 = $610

16MM Spacers
From VanCompass; $440 + $200 = $640
Wheels and Tires

Hey Stan.  Thanks for a great experience today.  

I’ll be ordering the middle last spec, or close to it.  I would like to hear you out on some of the equipment you were mentioning at the end.

I’d also like to firm up rim/tire selection (no lift) and those additional costs.

1 -  - 285/75/16 * may need 16mm wheel spacers with certain tires - with KO2s

2 - - 255/85/16 - with KM3s

Although possibly not required I would like to consider 16mm spacers and the mudflap kit (requires minor trimming).

I’ll add these 16” rims too:

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See several 265 / 70 / R17
diameter = 31.6
Width = 10.4

This guy
put on; Kumho KL71 MT 285/75R16 on stock steel rims
Looks great.  Van compass shows as max unlifted size.

This read VC van is looking maxed with lift.  Pro 315/75/16s
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