This template has everything you need to get your startup started!

We at RALLYSITE use a project template that's similar to this one, both internally and often for our consulting clients.

We've added some of the common Folders and Tasks. Inside some of the Task we've added various templates and tips to to help kick start your new venture.

Once you have your own copy feel free to add, delete, and edit things to match your unique needs.

Below is a peak at what it looks like inside...

Assets, Templates & Samples - Startup Starter Kit

Individual Portfolio / Resume:

General Business Scrum Template:

Ugly Business Plan Template:

Competitive Landscape Template:

Financial Compression Model Template:

Finance Summary Template:

Client Lead Template:


Here are some actual Decks that we have used to fund / sell other startups in the past:

Understand that these decks are very purpose built to speak to a specific investor set are are generally not amazing. But they did work for our needs at those times because we came at these businesses from a point of past success and experience. Basically we could get away with less slick and more substance.

was a company where a team of us built an MVP product and then did a 'fast' acquisition, because we ran out of money before MVP launch. Don't run out of money:) We ended up doing ok on the transaction, and beat our projections. Sweet and sour, you know how it goes...

Exovue Pitch Deck

Video - EV had some complexity to it so we made a video. Highly recommended.

was a pre-everything company. We ended up getting VC and Angel commits for more than we were asking. Before we took the money we saw some issues with the overall space and killed the deal.
FYI - killing your own deal post commit pisses everyone off, even if you're right.

DAPSU Pitch Deck:

DAPSU Financial Compression Model:
Your deck's main job is to get investors interested in your financials. Until you have them looking at the numbers you don't have them. This model is something I invented because I'm not a true CFO and instead of pretending I made a model that I am able to operate, is totally clear to everyone, and covers the primary questions. Works great, in context.