This template has everything you need to get your startup started!

We at RALLYSITE use a project template that's similar to this one, both internally and often for our consulting clients.

We've added some of the common Folders and Tasks. Inside some of the Task we've added various templates and tips to to help kick start your new venture.

Once you have your own copy feel free to add, delete, and edit things to match your unique needs.

Below is a peak at what it looks like inside...

Inspirations - Startup Starter Kit

Who knows what you'll end up putting in other. I like having inspirational quotes and videos handy.

'You're job is to create high value problems problems - and then solve them:)' - Justin Manes
David Mamet on working through something you know is bad to get to something good.
Yelp's Jeremy Stoppelman talking about how the first version of Yelp was failing and how they turned it around: