We built this wedding planner template to help you stream line the many choices and organization needed to make your special day even better!

Planning your wedding should be part of the fun! Getting started is simple. First make a copy of this planner and invite your friends, family, and team of helpers. From there you can mange and organize your big day to perfection!

Inside this template you will find interactive lists, articles, images, suggestions, videos, and all of the other things needed to help get you started.

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Budget - Wedding Planner

Planning on anything on a spreadsheet is not usually though of as fun. Yet when it comes to a wedding budget we recommend that you consider using a Google Sheet to keep everything on-track and in-budget.

Here's one way to do it that will give you a easy control about who sees what.

1) You'll probably share this wedding planner with your Wedding Coordinator, spouse to be, family, and friends. At the same time you may not want everyone who is helping with the planning to see all the details of the budget.

2) This is a Public Google Sheet that you can copy and make your own and then control exactly who has access to it.; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MCIqzW6sHBZxaUu28nJWx9Jw32D_WU8RV5vetCehtNA

3) Often as wedding plans progress unexpected people will step up who want to contribute, and in many cases they have specific areas or things they hope to be a part of. We recommend guiding them to areas of the budget rather than specific things.