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Weddings of Distinction is a non-profit group, made up of select San Diego-area wedding vendors. Composed of individual companies, Weddings of Distinction is a group of like-minded businesses that believe that quality surpasses quantity. Whether we offer quality services or unparalleled products, Weddings of Distinction’s vendors are among the best in the wedding and event planning industry. Each of us has our own particular skill and/or expertise, and all of us work extremely well with one another (or with other wedding professionals you may have already chosen), so as you plan your wedding, or that of a friend or family member, surround yourself with experienced professionals that can give you peace of mind.


CARMIN DESIGN - Wedding Planner


I believe the best way to tell you about me and my services are to share with you what others have said; “Carmin is so warm, friendly and positive! She is like a fabulous glass of Champagne, she’ll make you feel like the Prince &Princess you are and will cater to your every need doing so in such a delightful way…in a way that you can just tell she loves what she does!” – Heather and Ryan, July 2009.

Contact: Carmin Cermak
Phone: (619) 850-3165
Web Site: http://www.carminevents.com
E-mail: carmin.design@hotmail.com
3 years ago ( updated 3 years ago )
Independent owner of Carmin Events:

I have been in the event industry for over 20 years, and am loving every minute of it! And having fun the whole time! The first wedding I did was when I just about 20 years old... so still 19, if we are counting. Boy, did I have the time of my life and 25 years later, I still am!

Trained by world renowned Phil Rulloda, I learned about everything I know as far as technique, design and the arrangement. While living in Napa during my college years, I received my BA in interior design, fine arts and photography. One could say, "AWESOME"! And yes, it totally was! While going to school, I worked at the Rutherford Grill. To those of you who've had the chance to dine there, um... can we say YUMMM? While working there, I earned my way to be corporate trainer. Not only did I open other restaurant locations around the country, but I assisted in writing service manuals and training their new team. It was a change of pace and scenery, but I loved every minute!

With my education, life experience and love of beautiful things.... my services range from planning a wedding, to designing the decor, the floral arrangements to creating amazing canopies and arches. I have created a job that I love and where I am able to share my passion by creating wonderful experiences for my clients. It is always amazing meeting excited couples preparing to embark on their life journey with one another, and even better that I get to help with the best part... making a day, a memory, a dream that will last a lifetime! Every bride and groom are different. Each have a story and their story needs to come to life with a common vision. Being able to help create that, is an honor, something to be cherished. I am honored to be chosen, and I (we) will have fun every step of the way!