My name is Kate and I'm a professional designer. Recently I created a Wix site for a client and was surprised at by how simple and great the experience was. I also realized that with a few additional tips even a non professional designer could produce a really great website.

The one issue with Wix is that it does so much, and can sometimes feel like too much. This RallySite template is built to help anyone building a Wix site set the right priorities and build a great site in a short time.

This template is free for you to copy and we hope it helps you get where you are going with better results and in less time!

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7 - BASIC SEO - 10 Tips to Build a Better Wix Site Faster

Wix has tons of help for SEO. Best thing is to collect all of the help links and just run through everything.
This is going to feel like a lot of work, but it will 100% pay off.

This can take 1-3 full days, depending on your experience.

Tip; a super strong way to bring your website up in the ranks is to drive social traffic at least twice a week.

Here's the 101 method:

Blog Posts:
Your Wix site has a blog, make sure yours is setup.
You blog posts can be as simple as your thoughts on trending new related to your space.
Your posts can be simple and simple and similar to a social post.
Two per week should be no problem.

Social Posts:
Once you have a blog post link it to all your social channels.
Linking will only take 2min per channel.
Then people who are interest will come to your site.
Big SEO for little effort.