My name is Kate and I'm a professional designer. Recently I created a Wix site for a client and was surprised at by how simple and great the experience was. I also realized that with a few additional tips even a non professional designer could produce a really great website.

The one issue with Wix is that it does so much, and can sometimes feel like too much. This RallySite template is built to help anyone building a Wix site set the right priorities and build a great site in a short time.

This template is free for you to copy and we hope it helps you get where you are going with better results and in less time!

We believe anything is possible with the right website builder. Whether you're about to create a website for the first time or you're a long time pro, we've got you covered. You have two ways to start: Get a free website designed for you with Wix Artificial Design Intelligence or get total design freedom with the Wix Editor. You can always add advanced functionality to your website with Wix Code. It’s time to get your professional website.

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ABOUT THIS TEMPLATE - 10 Tips to Build a Better Wix Site Faster

This is now YOUR Project! You can edit, delete, and add anything you like. What you see is just to help get you started

In case you're wondering why would a professional designer help me do design work on my own? The answer is pretty simple. We get asked about this sort of thing a lot anyway. When we are helpful we find that people are more likely to come back to us when their needs grow.

As a design team we use RallySite to organize our projects internally and with clients. That's important because part of the value of this RallySite template is how you use this template to manage your website build.

One of the main and always the first thing we do with our clients is help them tell us what they are hoping to achieve with their new website, software, or whatever it is they are trying to build. From there we increment specific parts of the design in a way where each part continues to draw on the top level goals while also helping to inform the top level goals.

We encourage you to really make this RallySite template your own. The right organization and prep work are some of the most important parts of getting great results. As you go through this template we will also try to put in some tip to make RallySite more effective for you and your team.

In the main navigation you will see several Tasks above several folders. These Tasks that are not in folders are either high priority, or things that you might use for on-going communication. Either way you can move or even delete those Tasks as it makes sense.

Websites are great because their very structure helps get things started. Below you will see a folder with that very name, 'STRUCTURE & CONTENT'. The first Task you'll see is HOME PAGE. Once you know what the home page should be about the rest of the site will fall into place much easier. You can obviously add new Tasks for the pages that make sense for your site. Inside each Task / Page we have added some tips and details to help get you started.