My name is Kate and I'm a professional designer. Recently I created a Wix site for a client and was surprised at by how simple and great the experience was. I also realized that with a few additional tips even a non professional designer could produce a really great website.

The one issue with Wix is that it does so much, and can sometimes feel like too much. This RallySite template is built to help anyone building a Wix site set the right priorities and build a great site in a short time.

This template is free for you to copy and we hope it helps you get where you are going with better results and in less time!

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RALLY SITE TIPS - 10 Tips to Build a Better Wix Site Faster

This is a great example of a Task you might want to move into the COMPLETE folder once you've read it.

Since you are now using RallySite to organize your website build we thought it would be smart to give you some starting tips on how to get the most out of RallySite.

1 - Keep it simple. RallySite does a lot, but don't use more of it than you need. TASK SETTINGS is a great example. In TASK SETTINGS you can rename and move Tasks. Great. You can also start using start dated, end dates, and a bunch of other detail oriented features. We suggest leaving those alone, at least for a while. You will also find things like ASSIGNMENTS and SUB-TASKS. Basically we suggest leaving all of those things alone while you get to know RallySite. If you still need them in the future they will still be there.

2 - Get familiar with RallySite before adding your team. Then for sure add your team. Likely some people won't want to be directly involved in RallySite, that's ok add them anyway. You will be able to keep people in the loop just by having them added to your project, even if they don't use RallySite.

3 - Communications. RallySite allows for some interesting controls on email communication. RallySite allows you to email any group or individual that has been added to your project. Emails start from messages and include all comments. This is really great for those people who are not constantly involved in your project, but who you want to make decisions on occasion.
This message is to give you some hints on how messages, attachments, communications, and comments work.

When you are creating or editing messages in RallySite you can:

Use some light HTML to add come color and distinction to your text. Here is a simple bold tag.

Add links that will open in a new window. This is great if you are sharing Google doc links. We do it all the time.

Add images and files directly to your message. Video is added via transforming a YouTube link.

Once your message is saved you'll notice in the footer of the message some options to:
- Email
- Push Notify
- Add Comment
- Flag as a personal reminder