Getting Started... - Rental Income Real Estate Template

This is a template that has help me and my family navigate buying and managing income properties.  It's pretty complicated and we are just beginners.  This template is not comprehensive, but if you make yourself a copy and use it to document what works for you and what doesn't it will be far better than winging it.

One of the most important things to be good at is doing the math.   Relying on your agent or listing agents to do that is not a great plan, as we have learned.  Go into the "Rental Income Math and Spreadsheet" tab.  There are many ways to do the calcs, we have just found this one provides a clear way to see the short, mid and long term ROI potential of a property(s).

Next we started a few sample properties Items. We use these Items or buckets to add properties that we get more serious about / start investigating.  Before that just list them in the spreadsheet.  The reason we move properties into Items once we start actual investigations is that there are a lot of details that need t be tracked in one place.  If things move forward we end up keeping the Item so we have a rolling record of what happened, all the contracts and so on...  And if we buy a property the Item serves as a place to continue to keep things that you'll want record and easy access to.

Finally, you can use folders to better organize things.  I only added one in this template, "Lost Deals". In our actual property project I have several more folders specific to our process.