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Photo / Image Editing - Design Tool Hacks

So... I use Google Presentations ALL THE TIME for quick photo editing.  My intention has been to make a video about this, but that's still in the pending box.  However, I think if you just know that photo editing in GP is a thing then you'll probably figure it out.

Hints for now:
- Crop can crop to rounded edges, circles, and other shapes - very quick and handy!
- Shadows can be great when layering images and text boxes.
- Transparency is another strong tool when creating layered images.

Looking to cut a specific size, like a header image for Facebook, etc???  Screenshot the image in Facebook > create an outline > crop to that exact shape.  Super easy.
For mobile while working on desktop > go into Chrome's 3 dot menu > More Tools > Developer Tools. Toggle Device Toolbar.  Pick the device you want.  

To get your final image(s) go into presentation mode and screenshot it's largest version(s).

With a bit of messing about you'll have a great free image making tool.
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