1.2 - The Infinite Brain - Own Your Distortion

Everyone loves the dream world. After all, you can fly. In your dreams - sleeping or awake - you can imagine walking out of your job, telling off your boss, and living a life of luxury. In our dreams, we can easily imagine how wonderful life would be if you were living as a sex icon or a rock star.

Or maybe you’re dreaming of living in a modest two-bedroom condo just steps from the beach. Or maybe you dream of having a babysitter who can keep your kids quiet long enough to get a solid 30-minute nap. 

In your dreams, in your brain, everything is infinite and all things are possible. There is no place bigger than the handful of inches of space between your ears.

The real world, however, is not infinite.

The trick is to bridge the real world with the infinite. Fortunately, you have the tools to do this.

Writing with a pen in hand is the most direct way to tell your brain about itself. Your mind can come up with infinitely-sized situations, your paper is maybe 8 by 11 inches.

Take your imagined scenario and write it out. Through your eyes, your brain will see your infinite possibility in the black scribbles on the white page. That’s it, that’s all your great idea is. Black scribbles on a white page. And here you thought you could fly.

This isn’t meant to discourage. You’re writing, that’s the point. That’s a win. Every idea in modern history started as black text on a white page. Keep building the bridge. Read over what you’ve written and revisited it in a few hours or a few days. Every time you work your ideas on the page, the bridge between your head and the real world gets a little shorter, stronger, more sound. The bridge can better carry the weight of your idea.

You may not be a rock star, but maybe you’ve written a song or two 

Your new job is to fill up a page, every single day. Edge to edge, corner to corner.

This isn’t homework, it’s a lifestyle change. This is the process of rewiring your infinite brain so it can behave in limited reality, faster.

Pen in hand, fill up a piece of paper until it is a mess of words and drawings.

Visualize the infinity of your brain, then slowly bring the idea back down to size.