1.6 - Room For Nothing - Own Your Distortion

It’s true. The best ideas happen in the shower. Or in the four minutes between when you get really tired and finally fall asleep. Everyone gets that point when they just hit a wall.

For a whiskey to age properly, it needs to sit perfectly still in a barrel in a damp, dark room. The same goes for wine. 

The point being: make room for nothing. If you get nothing else out of this project, learn to do nothing. Learn to make something for no purpose. Take more showers.

Learn to sit and do nothing for a while. This isn’t a call to start meditating or napping or reading. No, I’d like you to try and do nothing for a bit. Stare out the window and listen to the wind in the leaves. If you feel like you have some kind of “writer’s block,” it helps to do nothing for a while. A mind at rest is desperate to do anything at all - even write.

Accountability makes sure your progress moves in a direction you like. But nothingness reminds you, not everything you produce for a reason.

Furthermore, when you are consistently creating, you might sometimes lose sight of what you are creating things for.